This week’s learning


This week, we have researched different aspects of the Maya civilisation, such as: what they ate; how they dressed; what sports they played and what they believed in. We used this information to help us start to write a non-chronological report about the Maya civilisation.


We have continued our revision for the up coming SATs. This week,  we have looked at identifying place value, using long and short written division methods and solving problems.

Stars of the Week

Mill class – Anupama

Socrates class – Christian

Gandhi class – Adrianna



Research as many different types of Maya art as possible, and write a blog about it. (eg,: carving, paintings, architecture, jewellery, feather work, weaving, pottery..) Your target audience – who will read the blog – will be 8-10 years old children. Make sure your blog is informative, exciting and colourful.

Topics you might wish to cover:

– What materials were used? – Who produced these artworks and for what reason?

– What may have influenced these artworks?

– Where can you find these artworks today?


Continue to use Mathletics and complete the activities set. Complete your Ninja Maths sheets daily.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (GPS)

Continue to learn the Year 5 and 6 common exception words. You will find these in your Home School Liaison book. This week we would like you to focus on all the words – as your practice SATs test is coming soon. Use read, cover, write (join your letters) and check to learn the spelling. Write the common exception word/s in a sentence. Complete your grammar sheet.


You are expected to read and record the pages you have read in your Home School Log book every day. You can also include a comment about what the book is about or what you enjoyed about it. Your parent/carer can also write a comment if they have heard you read.

Your homework is due in on Wednesday 8th May.

Next term’s learning w/b 23/04/19


We will be continuing with our Topic on the Maya next half term. In the first week, we will be gathering ideas to help us write an information text about the Maya civilisation.


Next half term will focus on revising all areas of the Maths curriculum so we are ready for SATs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the children for all their hard work this term, and to thank you for your continued support. We hope you have a restful holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back in two weeks time.

This week’s learning


This week we have written our Maya myths which we had planned in the previous week.


This week we have looked at analysing data in pie charts, line graphs, time tables and bar charts.