Next week’s learning 08/07/19


We will be creating some models of the human heart.


We will be starting to put everything together to run through the whole thing.

Book Fair

The Summer Book Fair will be taking place from 12th-12th July. Please see posters around the school for more information and come along!

This week’s learning


Our rehearsals for the Year 6 production are going well. We have been able to run through both Act 1 and Act 2 together and the props are looking fantastic!

Fiver Challenge

A massive well done to all our Year 6s for their enthusiasm and determination during our Fiver Challenge. You all came up with some great ideas and managed to work well in your groups to sell your products. We will be announcing the total amount made in the coming week.


We have been continuing with our new topic ‘Body Works’ and looking at the effects that different substances have on the body.

Talk Bus

The Croydon Talk Bus came to visit Year 6 this week to talk to them about current issues and transitions from primary to secondary. Everyone participated well and enjoyed the talks and activities.


Fiver Challenge

We would like you to write a blog about what you did for the Fiver Challenge. You can talk about your business idea, how much you spent, how you thought the sales went and what you might do differently if you did it again.


Continue to use Mathletics and complete the activities set.


You are expected to read and record the pages you have read in your Home School Log book every day. You can also include a comment about what the book is about or what you enjoyed about it. Your parent/carer can also write a comment if they have heard you read.

Your homework is due Wednesday 10th July.

Next Week’s Learning 24/06/19


We will be starting our new topic ‘Body Works’ which will be all about the human body. For this topic, we will be visiting the Science Museum where the children will take part in the workshop ‘It takes Guts!’ Please ensure that you have returned your child’s permission slip for this trip.

Fiver Challenge

The year 6 teachers will have ordered all the material the children need to start making their products.


Rehearsals will continue next week Monday-Thursday.

This week’s learning


Our topic about the Mystical Mayas has come to a finish this week, concluding with our short adventure stories set in the Maya period.

Fiver Challenge

We have all begun the fiver challenge. Everyone in the year group has been given £5 to start a business with. We then got into groups of 3 or 4 to pool all our money together and began researching a product to make. Once we have all our materials, we will be making our product which we intend to sell on our own stalls around the school. More details about dates and times for this to come. We’re all very excited to see how much profit we can raise!

Our Production

Rehearsals for our Year 6 production of ‘The Jungle Book’ are well underway. Props are being made, dances are being learned and we are practising on the stage as well. Date and time on final performance to follow.


Swimming has also come to a finish now and many of our students have received certificates for achieving 5, 10, 25 or 50 metres! We’re really proud of what everyone has achieved during these 2 weeks.

Stars of the Week

Mill – Deepthi, Abiha, Anupama and Karishma

Ghandi – Nargess and Keerthanan

Socrates – Tahira and Ashley

Watkins – Aliceeya

Benhabib – Oliwier

Well done to our basketball teams who represented our school in the Croydon Basketball tournament. We are really proud of your achievements!

Team 1 – Daion, Dushauwn, Ashley, Aliceeya and Tahira

Team 2 – Kate, Jodie, Ines, Segun and Christian